"During his invasion, Beritra’s forces spilled over the lands leaving havoc and destruction in their wake. His goal in the ensuing chaos was to destroy the seals hiding the lost continent where the Dragon Lord Ereshkigal was imprisoned. With the continent rediscovered, Beritra now aims to discover where Ereshkigal has hidden her powerful Balaur relics and claim them for his own.

However, the breaking of the seals had devastating consequences. The lands surrounding the seals; Tiamaranta, Sarpan, Danaria and Katalam have all collapsed into the ocean, changing the face of Atreia once again.

With so much lost already, it is up to you to stop Beritra before he gets his hands on Ereshkigal’s Balaur relics and gains an even stronger grip on Atreia."


A land with two names, wrenched forth from the depths of a reluctant ocean, bares its face anew to every curious eye of a surface dweller. Secrets long drowned fill Cygnea and Enshar with a spark of mystery and foreboding. A darkness hangs over these risen lands, casting a shadow over each meeting of grain and blade. Filled with aquatically inclined creatures, dotted with sand-swept dunes, spindly forests, and treacherous bogs, these lost lands hold secrets best left forgotten. So much so, that it is rumored their sinking was intentional for reasons beyond the fevered nightmares of dragon-fire and scale-clad wings.

Dragons rest, armies march, and alien forms are seen scampering across the lands yet-to-be blood-soaked grounds. There is no time for careful exploration, no time for diplomacy or debate. The Daevas bring tides of blood to Enshar and Cygnea, looking to settle a score, and stop Beritra once and for all.